Young driver, take the wheel!

It\’s like a fairy tale. As the birthday approaches, the child becomes an adult, the parents choose a driving school, and the child can even drive the family car. However, driving school is not always free. So they have to break their savings to buy another car. With a used car, they can learn to drive. If the young person is responsible and does not just want to show off to his friends, he will follow the rules and drive carefully.
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However, many beginners shy away when they learn that the roads are like a computer game, full of irresponsible drivers who think that if they scrap their car, nothing will happen. Even if they have a license, they convince their parents to sell the car.
However, this document is now considered standard. Those who do not have it are considered aliens. Take, for example, a job advertisement. The requirement is no longer just a driver\’s license, but an active driver.
Young drivers who barely carry their license in their pocket and are quick to get behind the wheel
have an advantage. They are not nervous about driving and driving comes naturally to them. The problem arises, however, when their confidence in their ability to “put it in gear and turn the wheel” grows and they begin to behave aggressively, flashing their lights with appropriate gestures, honking their horns, and speaking in abusive tones when they catch up with a car driven by an experienced driver.
What happened to the self-preservation instinct that makes them act as if they are immortal? Why are they so eager to show off that they have a powerful car at all costs and drive it at unforgivable, ridiculous speeds?
Young drivers, do not be offended. I know there are many of you out there who behave normally on the road, but you are part of the crowd and do not stick out like a misfit.
If you took your friends to a party and knew they could not drink, would you be able to keep them safe? Would you be able to resist the temptation of beer and drinks? Unfortunately, according to traffic accident statistics, drinking marijuana as well as alcohol before driving is no stranger.
Learn to say no to your friends. You are responsible not only for your own life, but also for the people you are driving and, by extension, those you meet along the way.
However, even a completely sober novice driver can be negligent in an accident. They may be overconfident in their driving skills in poor visibility or try to overcome fatigue or drowsiness. They fail to notice hazards or underestimate traffic conditions.
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When I was in driving school, my instructor would always tell us, “You are not going to be able to drive if you don\’t know what you are doing.”střešní okno auta.jpg

[23 By that time, you will have experienced driving, you won\’t have to think, you will be used to anticipating obstacles, and you won\’t be affected by the weather.” That\’s right. If you haven\’t had the opportunity to drive a car for six months, you already have problems with nervousness and correct predictions at intersections with no traffic lights.
So I advise: once you get your license, get behind the wheel as often as possible and learn safe traffic etiquette. This will be appreciated not only by your passengers, but also by others you encounter in traffic.