Be Romantic.
Are you a romantic? No? If not, you should go for it yourself. Do you love the woman of your dreams? Then you should marry her. Do you know how to propose? Definitely don\’t expect her to answer yes to that question: “Will you marry me? The question is of course correct, but it needs to be put in its proper context. In short, at a minimum, invite the woman of your dreams to a beautiful, romantic, and urgently expensive dinner at a fine restaurant. That, of course, is the bare minimum. Ideally, for example, at an upscale spa in some interesting destination. And there, pull out the question and, of course, the engagement ring. If you want to hear a yes answer, you must give your wife a fine engagement ring, preferably one with diamonds.The only time not to give a ring is if you want to get rid of an unwanted woman in a truly sophisticated and eternal way.

zlatý prsten s diamanty

Not really a relic

You may look like a relic, but women are very conservative in that regard. You might say that women are real gold diggers. 41]
When you give a woman a fine piece of jewelry, you are clearly telling her that she is very important and precious to you.
prsten s diamantem

Some women prefer to celebrate their engagement with family, as opposed to a small wedding. Women have a desire to share their happiness with those closest to them. While flashy engagements used to be the norm in terms of family celebrations, this is not necessarily the case today. But back to engagement rings
nevšední prsten

A wide selection of engagement rings are offered by the best jewelers. Choose truly the best. Know their products. Take an interest in their technical expertise. Read references. If you are satisfied, you will probably use their services for your wedding ring, and they may offer you a substantial discount on a double order. You will be using the jewelry for decades, so custom orders are welcome.