Widow’s and widower’s pensions: what, when, where, and how?

When a spouse dies, not only does it cause grief, but also concern about how to manage the financial situation, especially if they are unable to provide for their entire household on their own. In such cases, assistance from the government can be expected. However, in order to receive a widow\’s or widower\’s pension, one must meet the conditions set by the government.
The first thing one should do is to apply for this pension. You must apply directly to the Czech Social Security Administration and bring your ID card, marriage certificate, and spouse\’s death certificate. 90 days must pass before you receive a decision on whether or not you will receive the pension. If not, they have the right to appeal within 30 days from the date of notification.
hodiny a mince
This type of public assistanceis only available to spouses, so if you have lived in the same household for decades but are not married, you are not eligible. Another condition that must be met to qualify for the pension is that the deceased must
– Was receiving an old-age or disability pension
– On the date of death, had fulfilled the insurance period required to qualify for the pension
– Died as a result of an accident in the course of employment
It should also be noted that eligibility for a widow\’s or widower\’s pension survives only one year after death. In order to continue receiving the pension, the following is required:
– Take care of dependent children
– Take care of dependent children (level 2, level 2, level 4)
– Care for a parent or spouse\’s parent(s) and the parent or spouse is more than moderately dependent on the assistance of others
; or
– Is at disability level III
– Is at least 4 years younger than the pensionable age under Article 32 of the Pension Insurance Law or is already retired
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If they remarry, their entitlement to this type of pension is terminated. The pension will also cease to be payable if the spouse is ultimately convicted by a court of intentionally causing death as a perpetrator, accomplice, or party to a criminal proceeding.
If you are unsure whether you are entitled to a widow\’s or widower\’s pension, use the online financial calculator or check with your city\’s district social security office official.