Shop Smart

– Whether you like it or not. Buying everything on sale will not save you money. Why? It\’s simple. You don\’t have to buy three sweaters of the same color just because [70CZK]. Do you really wear them or do they just sit in your closet like the last pair of pants you bought? The answer is obvious! Don\’t be tempted by commercial tricks. Buying on sale is a no-brainer. Just make sure you really need the item first.
Košík samostatně stojící v obchodě

Necessary or unnecessary

– here we go! How many times have you bought an item that you never actually wear? Unfortunately, it happens to all of us. It\’s hard to resist the discounts being shouted from the window. We need what we need. Not just to be liked. Why buy a sweater when you went to buy a roll? Oh right, it\’s expensive. Then buy a cheaper loaf of bread or something else on the list! Aren\’t you wasting your time?

Shopping list

– Always make a shopping list after you eat. Before shopping. Always eat before you go shopping. This is because you may be so hungry that you could do something very stupid. You will buy a lot of food, but it will not be on your list. Why? You were or are hungry! Always make your list according to the food you are going to make and your pantry. Some things you already have at home. So only look for what you need at the sale.

Spending Book

– For the naughty ones, make a spending book. Write your expenses there and provide receipts. You can even add lists to it; compare them after a month or two. Do you know how to buy what you need? Congratulations.

Buy what you wear

– yes, buy only what you wear. Oh, those are beautiful high heels! Are you going to wear those? Don\’t lie to your own pocket; you don\’t wear them twice in a year. I feel sorry for your feet that you will wear them someday. For your pocketbook and your health.
Rodina s nákupním košíkem v obchodě.


– As a general rule, avoid expired discounts! It\’s a basic mistake, but anything that has expired is definitely not of good quality or edible! Therefore, they are also discounted. Keep this in mind.

Now, go to your pantry and see what you are missing. And of course, don\’t forget to buy something as a reward! After all, life is not only a whip, but also a sugar. Thanks for the food!