Diabetics and Yoga

Especially now, during the winter months, we often do not have the will or strength to do extra things for ourselves and our health. 1.Yoga as one of the main factors affecting the development of diabetes, restores the vitality of the body and releases energy from the intestines of the body.
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How to start exercising?
Check with your diabetes doctor first. If your doctor recommends yoga, take time regularly.
First of all, you can start the body with short respiratory movements, using the technique of “pranayama” or “Nadi Shodhana”. Next, proceed to the “antar tratak” method for concentration and attentiveness.
Then gradually include other comfortable and relaxing asanas suitable for diabetics to properly activate the pancreas. The following positions are recommended:
· Peacock “Maura asana”
· camel position “Ustrasana”
· Cow position “gomukha asana”
· Plow “Hala asana”
· backstretch “Paschima utthana asana”
· matsyendra position “ardha matsyendra asana”
Best exercise to practice When you do, listen carefully to the body story. If you feel pain, do not try to overcome it, and do not overestimate your strength. Do not forget to always breathe smoothly. Do not finish the exercise too quickly, but for a while remain in the final position of the corpse “shavasana”. Relaxation at the end and immediately after exercise is very important for the overall effect and spiritual experience of yoga.
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The benefits of practicing yoga are noticeable immediately after the first lesson. In addition to strengthening the whole body, it is glucose that is consumed as an energy source during exercise, so it has the effect of reducing the presence of sugar in the blood.

Bring complete relaxation and relaxation into your life along with yoga. It is suitable for both types of diabetics and serves as a prevention for all people with a genetic predisposition to diabetes