Why People Have More and More Money

padající peníze. Pensioners, students, workers, in fact everyone in this country has some kind of money problem, money is missing everywhere, and nothing is as it should be. Worse, everything is as it once was. This is masochism at its greatest, and the proponents of masochism should try to go into the empty shelves and queues to get their bearings. Everyone keeps screaming, but no one is willing to accept the responsibility for putting themselves in this disadvantageous position because of their own financial literacy. And it is not Carthoc\’s fault, nor that of Agent Burress.
padající peníze

The Key to the Eternal Carousel

Financial literacy and mathematics should be taught with belts and whips, even if the popularity of these subjects does not radiate. Then some fellows will be able to calculate that borrowing $20,000 each for a gift is utter suicide, and that a bargain loan from a similar company will easily overpay half the amount borrowed. This is necessary in this age of easily manipulated promises and advertisements, where retirees don\’t even realize they have been swept off their feet by their vendors. Of course, the greatest screams come from below. More and more people are getting rich off the misery and stupidity of others. But parasitic behavior is implicit in Czech society. But it also has to do with consumerism. Many people would rather borrow money to buy a new washing machine than call a repairman for a few thousand dollars. There are plenty of people who would rather have a hole in their knee than spend $50 on an egg, but then they would gladly spend a few hundred on cheap booze or garbage they don\’t even need.
zlatý graf

Saints are not saints

I often ask, who thinks about pensioners? Pension levels are really on the borderline of beggary. But when I see an elderly person who buys a kilo of butter for 50 kronor, hoping that the price of butter has not dropped, he screams again that he does not have enough money to pay his pension, which really leaves me with an open mouth. But first of all, we need to look for the cause elsewhere, such as the sons and daughters who are still living on their parents\’ pensions at the age of 40.