Culture in Ostrava

Believe it or not, there are many cultural events throughout the year, whether you live in this city or only come here occasionally.
So what does this city have to offer?koncert kapely
If you like classical music, the National Moravian Silesian Theater and the Ili Milon Theater are great places to go. If you have the chance, I recommend “My Struggle,” although it is no longer being performed. One of the performers roasted a chicken, and can you imagine, in the evening, when you are hungry, you can smell it. It was provocative.
If you like comedy and small theater, go to the Petr Bezruch Theater or the Peace Theater. The Mir Theater puts on some great comedies that will make you laugh and cry from beginning to end. One of them is “The Naked Two”. Are they totally naked? Yes, it is. It makes the scenes funnier, believe me!
Sporting Events
Every year Ostrava hosts the Golden Trick, which brings world-class athletes. If you are a fan of soccer or hockey, you will be pleased with these aspects of our city. You can watch our club HC Vítkovice Steel play a hockey game or cheer on the famous Baník Ostrava. Yes, there are many opinions about them, but one thing is for sure, they are the most loyal fans and their chants are absolutely breathtaking.divadelní představení
The most famous is, dare I say it, Colours of Ostrava, with others like Beats for Love and Ostrava in Flames. Of course, there will also be big stars from abroad, such as Alan Walker, Sigala, Alanis Morissette, and Scooter. Others are “Festivals in the Streets,” which take place over several days throughout Ostrava.
Of course, there are countless events to choose from, and if you follow Culture in Ostrava\’s Facebook page, you won\’t want to miss any of them. So hurry up, let\’s meet at one of these events and have fun together.