Billie Eilish – the singing voice of the current generation

On August 20, 2019, one of the most unique singers of today gave a concert at Prague\’s O2 Arena. Known as Billie Eilish, she is only 17 years old. The moment it was announced that she would be performing in the Czech Republic, the crowd already went wild. Tickets sold out in four minutes and the event was moved to the O2 Arena, one of the largest venues in the country. The concert was spectacular, and the audience did not let Billy sigh or miss an opportunity to sing any of the songs. It was a wild party of thousands of young people, and the singer\’s biggest hits were performed: from “Bad Guy” and “Bury a Friend” to “When the Party\’s Over.
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This young girl has become a spokesperson for today\’s younger generation. Her songs are immediately recognizable. They sound very modern and original. At the same time, they are a bit melancholic. The lyrics do not deal with happy topics. Billie herself is not afraid to admit her problems. They are similar to those suffered by her generation and scorned by the older generation. The music videos for her songs are similar. They are modern, depressing, and sometimes even psychedelic.
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She is not even afraid to admit what infuriates her most about society. For example, her appearance is typical and related to this. She doesn\’t mince words, she changes her hair color, but most typically she wears very loose-fitting clothes. She has stated publicly that she does not want to be criticized for her figure. It doesn\’t matter if she is thin or fat. That\’s who she is, and she doesn\’t want anyone to know what her body looks like.
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This girl has taken the world by storm. But her biggest hit song was written in her bedroom and begins with the sound of braces. She is not afraid to put her problems and fears out into the world. She shows young people that they are not alone in having “it.” There is no telling how long this eccentric looking girl will stay in the limelight, but for now, it seems that a major star has been born in the world of quirky pop music and various celebrities are beginning to fall for her.