When is the best time to clean?

Advent or Easter, most people think. But the truth is, the best time is when we feel like it and want to get to work. Going a sea of time hand in hand with great cleaning, we devote ourselves to it and how much we must have enough physical and mental strength.
The ideal is to clean regularly and thoroughly, avoiding feared general cleaning. For example, it would be great to divide individual rooms into specific days, just cleaning the whole Saturday. We don\’t feel so stressed, and cleaning may be easier for you, and you may also be more fun.
zelený mop
Our ancestors did a lot of cleaning in the spring
Lovers of tradition may be interested in the fact that our ancestors devoted cleaning mainly to the spring months. Spring is a sign of life, nature is awakening, and our ancestors at this time threw out unnecessary things from their homes and let them into the atmosphere of spring. Today we\’re making it a little different, and when we do a big sweep, it\’s mostly during the Advent period, people in the past left things alone and enjoyed more preparation for the Christmas holidays. It is an interesting reflection of the stress of today\’s Christmas that many women have associated with housekeeping. It is better to bake cookies for Christmas than to wash the windows.
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General cleaning is mainly to throw away old and unnecessary things.
Cleaning is mainly about sorting and throwing away unnecessary things, not just dust on windows, washing and waxing furniture. Many people have problems with it, and it\’s sad that their teeth and nails are clinging to everything they have at home. But the clutter and accumulation of things is not cleaning. We should get rid of unnecessary things regularly, which is a great opportunity the day we announce general cleaning.
After cleaning, air
If there is no ventilation during cleaning, the room should be thoroughly ventilated after completion.