Internet Piracy

! This article does not incite criminal activity!

Free distribution of software has become a big topic these days since manufacturers started charging exorbitant amounts. Everyone downloads music and movies from the Internet from time to time, and some steal games and expensive programs that are used as industry standards by large corporations and others (e.g., Adobe Photoshop is an advertising industry standard). For these purposes, there are many “black mice” on the Internet, such as The Pirate Bay.


The Pirate Bay is

a site owned by a group of Swedish hackers who fight for the free distribution of any software. In the past, this group has had many disputes with the law and was disliked by many movie companies, music and other copyright companies, and game developers.
In 2007, the group purchased an island in international waters with no copyright laws.
Two years later, founding members Peter Sunde, Gottfrid Sverholm, Fredrik Ney, and Karl Lundstrom were sentenced to a whopping one-year prison term for distributing illegal music and movies, and to this day must pay compensation to the victim companies.


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After all, what is wrong with this way of providing entertainment? I am not an advocate of this approach, but as long as we don\’t overdo it and redistribute the downloaded software, the “higher-ups” will forgive us.