Resume Writing

Today, most everything is done on the Internet, and so is the job search. All job ads are almost the same and call for resumes to be sent in. In my line of work, I encounter two main problems. Either my resume is too little or too much. Fortunately, the days of graphic design, photos, and color have passed, and now simplicity and clarity prevail, and recruiters don\’t have time to spend 10 minutes on one resume.
CV, Resume nebo životopis znamená tutéž věc.
Unnecessary information:
1. date of birth – age separations are still done, even though they are discriminatory.
2. place of birth and nationality.
3. kindergarten and elementary school – these kindergarten bees will please the recruiter, but will rather hurt you.
4. marital status, number of children, names of pets.
Životopis je první kontakt s případným zaměstnavatelem
Things you must write:
1. phone number – many people find this annoying, including me, but it is the easiest and quickest way to get in touch
2. place of residence – no one wants your house number or facade color, but just writing “Prague” is very sketchy. If you live in a small town, the name of the town is sufficient, but if it could take you an hour to cross town, you may want to write your local area as well.
3. Keywords – Online resume databases such as LinkedIn,, and work on the principle of keywords. If a consultant types in SAP for example, all resumes containing this word will be displayed, so if you are a machine mechanic for example, it is better to mention the make and model of the machine you have worked on and mention all the computer programs you have worked on.
4. Position, Location, and Salary Estimate – In this day and age, there needs to be a proactive approach by the employer, but the candidate may take a passive role to prevent inadequate offers.
Of course, I could go on, but these are such basic tips in my experience that will help increase your chances of landing your dream job.