Unusual decorations that make your apartment the most beautiful place in the world!

Everywhere is nice, home is the best! But to make it happen, it\’s not enough to just put in new furniture. It\’s not enough to just turn your new apartment into a home! You need to incorporate a little personality and personal style! The avant-garde woman hangs rose quartz jewelry on every ledge of her bedroom and lines her shelves with amethysts, opals, and crystals. Princesses hang glowing pompoms above their beds, display crowns on their bedside tables to remind them that they were crowned prom queen 20 years ago, and clutter their walls with stacks of Polaroid photos. The casual bookworm, on the other hand, will buy piles of books for every available space in the room, not arranging them alphabetically or by size, and will not feel at all cluttered by this beautiful chaos!
kočka v pěně
We are all different and unique in our own ways. Perhaps most interesting are the artists\’ apartments. Not only does every room seem to be the workroom of a painter, a bard, a musician, or a pyrotechnician, but there is something truly stunning in this pleasant clutter! Can you guess what it is? It\’s because the artists find a new challenge in every farewell! Did they break a plate or a cup? They don\’t immediately rush to the trash can…
malovaný porcelán
1. Honey! Gold is the color of luxury, yet has an opalescent honey tint that harmonizes you perfectly. And it harmonizes with your broken bowls and mugs. Do you know what I am talking about? It is the so-called “kintsugi,” the legendary technique of mending ceramics with gold. This ancient Japanese technique does not try to hide the cracks, but rather accentuates them! Beautiful mosaic decorations are applied to teapots, cups, and plates. Wouldn\’t it be more fun to break the dishes?

rozbité sklo
2. It never hurts to have a variety of colored polymer clays on hand! Have you ever walked around with too many coffee cups and broken an ear? It\’s easy! Grab some flexible color modeling clay and shape your ears. Your imagination is limitless! You can make an emperor\’s ears covered in green leaves, or you can reach for a kid-friendly motif and use the misshapen mug as a wonderful gift for your 6-year-old great-grandson. What you draw on the mug is up to you. Is it a princess, a mouse, or even a dog? And why not make a whole set at once? You can even use them to wrap cutlery handles or mirrors. Don\’t forget to burn the ones you made before you give them away!