How to Keep Nails Healthy and Beautiful

Nails are every person\’s business card. During an interview, the hiring manager will look at your hands and nails. By doing so, they can tell if you are well-groomed or if you are the kind of slob who goes into an interview without having your nails cut. So this article is dedicated to both women and men. Here,we will focus on how to take regular and long-term care of your nails or save them for about the time just before the aforementioned interview.
špičaté nehty
If the focus is on long-term care, it is better to focus on both the inside and the outside, which will be reflected in the other person. If we are talking about the outside, here we can mention the sweet skin of the nails and the moisturizing of the entire hand. Regular trimming and filing. Also filing and cutting to shape. Dirt on the back of the nails is a deterrent for most people. This is because they look “deplorable.” Therefore, trim your nails at least once a week. Whether you file them or cut them with scissors, but always once a week. Every night, see what condition they are in before you take a bath. If you find dirt, brush it off in the shower or bath. If you don\’t have a toothbrush, you can use a thin square or an orange stick of nail polish.
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Hands can be moisturized at any time. Sleeping is the most effective time. Hand cream is not very expensive and can be bought almost anywhere.
Next, let\’s look at the inside of your nails. Your nails reflect your lifestyle. Eating unhealthy foods, gaining weight, and constant fluctuations will show up over time, for example, in the condition of the skin. Unhealthy lifestyle habits are not good in the long run. Of course, we all sin once in a while, like drinking alcohol, eating sweets, or smoking cigarettes once in a while. But once in a while is not a problem. In the long run, it is worse. So, maintain a healthy lifestyle, stay well hydrated, and if your nails still become brittle, try the vitamins you can get at the pharmacy or drugstore today.