How do I find bargains on groceries and clothing?

Some people don\’t enjoy it (usually men), others do (usually women). If you don\’t want to ruin your wallet, let\’s work together to figure out what principles to follow when buying groceries and clothes.

nákupní vozík

When grocery shopping, there is a simple rule that is quite important! If you go shopping hungry, you will put more than you need in your cart with your so-called big eyes. On the other hand, it is better to establish the rules of your shopping list at home, plan what you will make, process the food you did not consume, and follow the list to the letter at the store.

žena, procenta slevDiscount flyers

are very popular in the Czech Republic

and retailers usually stuff them in our mailboxes, but they can also be found on the Internet. Sometimes these are just artificial marketing discounts, but it is worth following these campaigns, especially for food products. If you only look at what you use on a regular basis, you can save a lot of money by timing your purchases and stocking up on items that have been reduced in price. However, don\’t get caught up and buy things you don\’t need. Frequently used items at drugstores and grocery stores are often on sale.

You can also save money by choosing alternatives to brand-name products.

Private label products

are often of the same quality as branded products and are often manufactured for the chain by the same company. However, prices tend to be noticeably lower.
žena, procenta slev

In the case of clothing, waiting for a sale is definitely worth it. I myself often buy quality items at fractional prices. Retailers tend to divide the year into several seasons and display different collections accordingly, so they don\’t have a long shelf life and don\’t have large warehouses, so they try to get rid of clothes and shoes quickly at the end of the season.

However, one can still buy beautiful and stylish items at second-hand stores and outlets.

Shopping economically is not difficult at all; it just takes a little thought and acting rationally without letting emotions get in the way!