The righteous

There is no explanation as to what the right person should look like, what work he must do to support his family, and how he should behave, perform, etc. As many women agree, a man should be manly, kind, faithful, kind, hardworking, fair, romantic, smart, like children and animals. Most women also have the question of when boys will be men, because many mothers raise their sons like cotton wool and make them poor people who still have people to take care of.Now, it is not uncommon for young men in their 30s to live with their parents, even if they are in a job where they can make money for their own home.
propojení lidí
Maybe it\’s just for convenience, they need someone to take care of them (washed, ironed, cooked for them). There can be multiple causes, and neither side (man or his mother) wants to talk about it. It is exaggerated to say that a man becomes a man at the moment he has his own child and is no longer just a son, but a father and a husband.
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Special Times Produce Special Men

Today\’s time is very relaxed, so it can not be said that there are purely male tasks and activities. Some people are of the opinion that men today are very sassy, the abolition of education or compulsory military service can be held accountable? Anyway, who knows that a woman will find her life partner, it is really difficult, because she will sit down and fulfill her requirements. But not to be ashamed of only men, because women are complex creatures, sometimes they do not know what they want, and when they have it, they do not appreciate it, and, as they say, no one is perfect, all men are original, and we do not see someone in their image. You should not try to change/remake. We\’ll see if the time comes when we can choose between a boy or a girl, and then we\’ll see what wins on Earth. I would definitely say that every couple is lucky enough to have both a girl and a boy, so as not to make a difference in education and to have one sex with the other