Our Scientists

Science is very important in our lives and I know that many scientists deserve great respect. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who do not understand this or throw scientific work or make fun of it. Scientists are here just for us, inventing and studying everything that is for us, for humanity, or for what we need right now. After all, who invented drugs and other necessary things? Computers, cars, etc.? Scientists should be responsible for all this. Or electricity? If we live without electricity, as in the Middle Ages, just rebuild. I think no one wants it without electricity.

I panely jsou věda.

Not only will it darken, there will be nothing to light the fire, but the dishes and the heat will go down. There are many options, but there are still. Electricity is as important to us as the invention of the toilet. The toilet may not be visible to you, but even if you expect that the toilet is not even a science, it is also a science, even if you expect that the way you invented it and who is interested.

Věda je všude, kam se podíváš.

Toilet, this strange thing. Imagine a life without a toilet. Where do you act your needs? Previously, it was done in a bucket hole or at home, and it was poured normally on the street, for sure you can imagine an incredible smell. And because of this, incredible diseases such as plague and typhoid spread everywhere. I think the scientists did a great job. Hygiene is very important to us and is the basic building block for our health. And no matter what everyone thinks, I agree with scientists. They explore and strive to make our world better and more complete. I myself also want to be a scientist, but unfortunately my research results were not that great, so I was happy with my high school diploma and just being a caregiver at the senior center. I think it\’s also a very nice and meritorious job, taking care of sick and old people. Someone has to work.