Speaking of culture…

, the name comes from the Latin cultura, or “that which cultivates.” From a narrower sense, it is a set of selected creative human activities, such as art, theater, literature, and religion. However, the term has only been used since the 16th century. In a broader sense, especially in the social sciences, it is the system of all the meanings, activities, and patterns of behavior that humans appropriate as members of society. The study of culture is primarily the subject of Cultural Studies, but it is also the subject of sociology, cultural anthropology, and related sciences.
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Culture and civilization

Culture is almost always expressed and spread through language and is very often seen as tied to a particular linguistic environment, such as Czech culture, French culture, German culture, etc. Within larger and at the same time less homogeneous supranational organizations, the term civilization is used to refer to the urban environment and thus to the corresponding cosmopolitanism.
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Culture and its mission in society

In short, it is a necessary condition of life in human society. It concerns primarily human conduct in the realm of the arts, but it also includes social customs such as diet, dress, behavior, and overall educational level. Thus, culture is tantamount to an indicator of any nation and its maturity. Not only from this aspect, culture needs to be constantly nurtured, maintained, and also promoted. The most effective elements in this regard are in the form of education, upbringing, and environment.
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The uniqueness of folk cultures ensures diversity in the global arena, which is also a more or less interesting issue. Of course, it all depends on the ideas and perceptions of each individual. Cultures sometimes mix with each other, and as a result, a new culture may emerge without replacing the original one.

For many, culture means going to the theater, concerts, cinemas, exhibitions, etc. The majority would consider the term artist to refer to a variety of performers. The absence of cultural education in primary and secondary schools is very noticeable. Fortunately, there are various music schools, art schools, and art studios. Education through the Arts

The arts are an effective means of nurturing and shaping the general creativity of children. All this if the goal is a mature, humane and democratic society. It is essential that the arts be nurtured in young children, for whom creativity and creative personality development are of vital importance.