My First Computer

When I was little, I imagined that when I saved up enough money, I would get a quality computer. When I told my parents that, they just shook their heads. What my parents did not know was that I would work part-time to save up the money to get a nice new computer. My parents said over and over again that they would give me their old computer. I absolutely hated this because it looked really awful and would embarrass me in public, that is, in front of my friends. All my friends already had the latest computers. The latest models with flat, thin screens. My parents still had outdated, retro gray computers.

Tenké obrazovky se mi líbí.

That thing was really bad. And the graphics there were awful, and I didn\’t like this at all. I, for example, wanted to watch movies on my own computer or laptop, but my parents\’ computer here was a complete disaster. Besides, my parents also said that this computer was totally slow, but for the purpose of taking exams, they didn\’t mind this at all and said it was the most ideal first computer for them. However, this was not at all what I had in mind. I did not want this old computer. What would my friends say if I did? I was really embarrassed, so I decided to put up without a computer for another six months and then use the money I saved to buy a computer.

Našetřila jsem si na počítač.

Turns out I really did save money after all, and within five months I finally saved enough to get my first computer. I didn\’t buy it from someone else\’s computer, or from a recycle store, but a brand new computer from Elektra. I was really happy and proud. I was proud that I didn\’t have to spend any more money than I would have had to go to the disco or buy different clothes, and that I was saving up for a computer that I really wanted. If more people did that, they could save more money or get something they had dreamed about for a long time.