Influence of the Universe on Agriculture

For years, research has been done on how the universe, its positions, stars, moon, and sun have a great influence on life here on Earth. How does what is happening in the distant universe affect the weather and the growth and quality of plants? In experiments conducted over and over again, it was discovered how much the rays and energy emanating from the constellations and transmitted to the earth by the energy of the moon affect the earth. The moon exerts this powerful influence on the earth by harnessing the classical elements of the earth such as water, air, light, and heat.


Since all these elements have their origin in the constellations, when the moon passes through the corresponding constellation, we can know about the given time of sowing economic plants. Various stimuli to the plant affect its growth, appearance, and taste. As the years have passed, new cosmic influences have come to our attention. These began with moving stars, or planets, which also affected the various growths of plants. 22]


There were cosmic impulses that were favorable to the plants and their growth, but not to the time of sowing. As a result, seeds were attacked by pests during growth, and growing plants were unable to germinate. It was also observed that the application of pesticides by biodynamic farming methods had a less favorable effect on plant quality, although the required growing period was reduced because of the favorable cosmic conditions for growth. On the other hand, when the researchers focused on the recommended timing of seeding, care, hoeing, product use, and harvest time, very good yields and the best nutritional quality of the plants were obtained under the influence of favorable space conditions.

Planetary Opposition

Observations of space effects on crop growth show that stars are in opposition It was found that there is a favorable effect when the stars are in That is, when the two planets are facing each other at a 180-degree angle in the cosmosphere.