Small manufacturer of barefoot shoes

Barefoot shoes are really popular today, both with adults and especially with children. Barefoot shoes are characterized by being as soft as possible, with a wide enough toe, a heel that does not drop, and a foot that is not restrictive. The foot should work well enough. Shoes are usually made about 0.5 cm larger to give the foot enough room. Wearing such shoes will feel like wearing slippers. Barefoot shoes are already beginning to be manufactured not only by large companies that produce regular ready-made shoes, but also by small companies run by shoe enthusiasts.
obtisk chodidla v písku
ZKAMA is a small, family-owned company that handcrafts barefoot shoes. The company now has a physical store where customers can try on shoes. Custom-made shoes can be ordered via e-mail and take at least two months to produce. Shoes can be custom-made or ready-made. On the company\’s Facebook page, you can see shoes in different materials and colors. The advantage of this company is that it tries to adapt its models to the wishes of its customers, so they can get originals that no one else has.
Ahinsa shoes
The Ahinsa brand uses an old Vedic expression, which today translates as nonviolence. Their shoes are completely vegan and are designed by doctors and physical therapists to be as natural and unrestrictive as possible for the human foot. The shoes are hand-sewn. However, they pay an additional fee for their quality.
bosé nohy
Boty Luks
Lenka Luxover, the founder of Boty Luks, with the help of her parents and brothers, created a new model of barefoot shoes and began selling them vigorously. Luksover herself started making shoes for herself at first, and eventually began producing them on commission. He is a small Czech manufacturer offering custom-made shoes. The shoes are not inexpensive, but again, there is an extra charge for the quality of materials and workmanship.