How do you fit into a small apartment?

Small apartments can be cozy, but surprisingly, cleaning a small space can be more difficult than a large apartment. However, more and more families these days, especially in large cities, are having to make do with space because of the small number of apartments available or their high prices. But what do you do when you need to store a lot of stuff in a small apartment?
Bytový dům
Storage is the name of the game, and ideally a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is essential. To avoid making even just a small space smaller, only one wall of the room should be filled, and the doors should be brightly colored or have mirrors on the doors. Both methods visually expand the space and make the apartment more airy. Wardrobes should be used to the maximum and can be used not only for shelving, but also for storing various boxes in which things can easily be stacked. If there are no ceiling-height wardrobes, plastic boxes can be placed in the space between wardrobes. You can also store them under the bed if there is space under the bed, but try not to fill all the space under the bed so that the bed can breathe.
A variety of folding and pull-out beds can also save a lot of space. If you want a classic bed, a taller one is ideal, preferably one with storage space. If the apartment has high ceilings, you can build so-called bunk beds to sleep on. This will free up space below. Various wardrobes can also be attached to the ceiling to create shelves and provide extra space.
Křeslo a gauč
If you choose a sofa, make sure it has storage space. You can stack bedding for visitors or items that you don\’t use very often. Also, utilizing a variety of shelves and racks will not only make your interior look more comfortable, but will also give you plenty of usable space. On top of that, using designer boxes, wooden boxes, and other various materials will definitely not go wrong, you can store a lot of things, and still look good.