5 Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram

Social networks are now a marketing minefield. 75% of the Czech Republic has at least one social network account. This means that this market is saturated and you need to be creative to attract as many people as possible. Good quality photos are no longer enough to gain followers. More time and attention needs to be given to everything. What should you do when sharing a post?mobilní telefon.jpg
1. Know your followers!
It is very important to know who is actually viewing your profile. Women, men, age range, where they are from. Thanks to these factors, you will know what you can afford, what is not appropriate, and what that age group is interested in. Each social network has its own statistics that can be examined. This way you will know the best time to post and other important information.
2. Comment and give heart yourself.
This way you show them that you are interested in them and they are more likely to visit you again. Maybe they will like you and you will soon have one more follower; try commenting for 30 minutes a day, looking at different hashtags, and you will see that the payoff is huge. Be proactive and post photos regularly.
3. Details matter!
Every time you want to post something new on Instagram, keep three basic things in mind:fotografování budovy.jpg

  • Tag other profiles that are doing the same thing you are
  • Enter where you took the photo
  • Post List hashtags related to the content of your post

These three will increase the likelihood that someone new will find you.
4 Interest your followers!
Perhaps the most important point. Be yourself and show your true self on Instagram. Share what you like, what inspires you, who you like, what perfume you wear. Reply to messages and comments. It may not be very favorable, but give it a try. I think you will make great friends here as well, as you can easily find others who enjoy the same things you do.