How to Win the Battle Against Your Finances

If you\’ve been struggling to make ends meet lately, it may be time to break out the calculator and hone your elementary calculus skills. First, by figuring out your income and necessary expenses, you can see how much money you have left over for your favorite shopping spree.střádání peněz
How can you get started?
The most important step is the first. First, write down how much you spend per month on water, electricity, and gas, and subtract that amount from your monthly income. Next, consider how much you spend on food on a regular basis. Subtract this amount as well. You now have in front of you an amount of money that you can manage as you wish. Remember, however, that it is also a good idea to set aside a portion of this savings. By doing so, you will have a safety net in case of an emergency, while at the same time saving for something else.
No money – what about a loan?
Loans are perhaps the worst “solution” to financial problems. So follow the golden rule of borrowing only when you can pay it back . So if you don\’t have a penny in your account, a loan is probably not the best solution. So if you really “don\’t have the money,” it\’s time to ask someone close to you (a family member or a friend) for help. But be warned, even those closest to you will have to repay their debts at some point. The difference between help from a friend and help from a bank is that friends don\’t charge you interest that you can\’t repay; they accept you for a while instead of lending you a million dollars for the electricity bill. In addition, friends also give you basic emotional support to help you get out of trouble.počítání rozpočtu
You have paid off your debt.
Your financial struggles do not end with the repayment of your debts; on the contrary, the important part starts now. After every battle there is preparationfor the next battle
. This implies an evaluation of the previous fight. How was it fought? What did I do wrong? What did I do well? Next, apply that knowledge to the future. How can I avoid the same problems? What weapons do I have in my arsenal? What motivates me and reminds me of my goals?
So, when you find yourself in a financial predicament, do a brief introspection to remind yourself where you went wrong. Also, if you are worried that a similar financial predicament scenario will repeat itself in a few months (for example, if you suspect that you have become an onanist), don\’t be afraid to turn to a professional.