“Cool” guys

An easygoing man in your home mayfeel that everything is really “cool.” He likes a leisurely breakfast, so most mornings he won\’t do anything you ask. Who wouldn\’t want a quiet cup of coffee and something good to eat? He walks around well-groomed, but he doesn\’t spend hours in the bathroom or in front of the mirror. But when does he do it? he says.” Honey, it\’s okay, I\’m working on it.” A guy like that doesn\’t make high demands of you and is content with what he has at home! How do you live with a “cool guy?” You have to be cool and give him the time of day.
komický ksicht

Those men spend less time at home. They take longer to get to work in the morning and work late! Do they look at their trimmed beards in the mirror before choosing a tie to go with their suit? Have they already dropped the kids off at school or daycare and are making coffee at work? If you ask such a man to do something, he will do it, but it involves the whole family, teamwork is important to him. He works late, and he works at home. Your mornings begin with his favorite phrase: “I\’m a man of the world. It\’s easy to get along with “The Suit,” support him, and be a part of his work.

“The puncher” guy
There is order in all things,everything has a place, and you have a place.
The morning is not chaotic. Panticists like to do their own thing, but they don\’t bother you! Is there any work for such a man? You don\’t have to say that, it\’s long overdue! [Darling, these red striped socks are from another drawer, but I already told you that.” When you understand the “pantisher\’s” system of things, you have won.
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Men “unclassified”
Some men cannot be properly classified. They are men who are hard-working, laid-back, or overly orderly. Sometimes they are quite different from others. So let\’s not lump all important men together. [Every man has his own charm that attracts us.