Lover’s Day

Some people love it, others hate it. Yes, we are talking about a holiday for lovers. Some people dislike this holiday despite the fact that they have lovers. The reason, besides the fact that it is not originally a Czech holiday, is that some people believe that love should be shown to the other not only once a year, but all year round. They think that one piece of candy does it all. Sure, chocolate does a lot of things, but it doesn\’t work miracles.

srdce z rukou

You should always give your lover a gift, even a small one. No one is saying that you need to give your lover expensive flowers every week. Your girlfriend will be glad if you bring her something small from the store once in a while. Something that she would love and appreciate from you. Even something that small is definitely worth it throughout the year.

Think about this. Maybe you will find that it is not a bad thing, but something you can put into practice.

růže a kniha

Some people love Valentine\’s Day and have to constantly photograph everything they receive and post pictures all over social media to show off. You may be surprised to learn that even this makes others hate the holiday. They really need to brag that they got something. There are a few things to consider.

If there is a general recommendation, it is that you should never put absolutely everything on your social network. There is no harm in having some privacy as well.

If you are one of those people who always have your phone in your hand to share what you receive with everyone, you should think about yourself. You will miss out on many beautiful moments in your life just because you needed to post something on a social network.

Everyone should think about themselves.