Protecting your child is the right thing to do

and parents should be aware of their children\’s needs.

Every parent wants to avoid, as much as possible, their child\’s exposure to negative phenomena. Sometimes, however, they are unable to prevent it and encounter cases in which their children are mentally torn apart or physically tormented. In such situations, it is up to you to provide protection to let your child know that he or she has done nothing wrong and that you are always there for him or her.
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Children can be really mean.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about the children around you who act like rude brats or disrespect you. Nor can you control your own children\’s contact with such children. However, if such children begin to set your child free, perhaps even psychologically harming him, you cannot overlook the situation.
Explain to them that their behavior is not right and, of course, make them feel that you will not take their opinions, ridicule, or aloofness toward them personally.
If other children don\’t want to play with yours, that is not his problem.
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Stand up for your children – you must always

Another way to protect the child\’s spirit and let him know that he is a special and well-behaved child is to stand behind him in any situation.Whenever you can be sure that the problem is not on the child\’s side, you must protect his honor, your upbringing toward him, and his behavior.
This is true in group life, such as in daycare or school. However, it is also reasonable to scold a good and well-behaved child when he does something that is not in keeping with his morals and behavior.

in which the child has a lot of free time.

Not exposing children to the pressures of social networking and technological advances can also protect them from potential dangers.The younger a child is, the more we need to make sure that their childhood is accompanied by fun and growth, not one that goes hand in hand with technology.
Give your child a cell phone only when it is unavoidable, and social networking only when you yourself recognize that it is simply unavoidable .