Life-Changing Facts About Food Ingredients

Know that as food as a whole becomes more accessible to us and as we have more choices in terms of types and brands, we should pay more attention to what we eat and what we choose. We should be more concerned about what we feed our bodies.”

If you\’re one of those people who mindlessly wander around shopping malls and toss whatever you like into your basket, take a look back at these few facts about the ingredients in your favorite products. They may change your mind the next time you buy something.
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Some kefir milk and acidophilus milk are high in sugar. Even those labeled “light” or “low fat.

Greek yogurt vs. Greek-style yogurt: Greek yogurt has a thicker texture and is made with some of the whey removed. Greek-style yogurt is plain white yogurt and has a creamy flavor. The higher the fat content, the lower the protein content and the lower the calcium content.

After eating asparagus, the urine becomes smelly. This phenomenon occurs as early as one hour after eating asparagus. This is due to sulfur compounds formed when the aspartic acid in asparagus is digested in the body.

Butter produced in the Czech Republic is different from that produced abroad. In the Czech Republic, butter is made from sweetened milk, and therefore has a different consistency, color, and taste than butter from other countries. Buying butter from another country may remind us more of our lamu.
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There are healthier alternatives to white flour, but they are not so easily replaced. For example, if you decide to bake your favorite cake with spelt or rye flour and put the same amount into the batter as you did with white flour, you may not succeed. You need to research what proportions of flour to substitute.

Beware of ginger. Be careful if you are into boiling large amounts of ginger as an immune-boosting ginger shot or as a special remedy for a cold. Ginger is basically toxic in large quantities, and the recommended daily intake per adult is one thumb-sized piece.