Computer World

You may not actually come across this topic very often, but you cannot avoid computers in general. Computers are everywhere. Even in the marketplace, processors, which are the basis of computers, run the cash registers. Classically, there are laptops, notebooks, and cell phones. Basically, they are mini-computers. All of these have a heart, the aforementioned processor. There are many processors out there, but the two most basic ones at the moment are Intel and Ryzen. There are differences between the two, so if we wanted to clarify and identify the whole, we would have to talk about the central processing unit or microprocessor. For our purposes, however, we will use the generic name processor.


The most important characteristic of this computer element is its speed. It determines its price and sells. It is determined by the clock speed, but also by other indicators. For normal use, however, the clock speed is sufficient. A specification in gigahertz is commonly used. Basically, this means how many operations per second the processor can handle, or how many clock cycles or hertz are written. It is a figurative expression. There is no point in discussing it further, as there are many terms such as piperining, superscalarity, etc. that the layman will not be able to remember. Of course, other things affect speed today. But that would really be going too deep.

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When asked which is better, Intel or Ryzen, the answer is not clear. Some favor the former, while others will not budge on the latter. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is the same with cars. Every driver, every car owner, prefers only his own. So it is best to choose the more suitable one. If you are not sure, ask your trusted dealer, who will surely give you detailed advice.

Choosing a computer is not simply a matter of choosing a processor or vice versa. This is a bitofsmall science.