Most used websites and why

You can find almost anything on the Internet if you know what query to type into a search engine. What are the most visited websites? With the exception of adult sites and other sites whose content is immediately obvious to everyone, the following sites are usually the most popular.


Google\’s search engine is very popular because it allows you to find all the information you want right now. It is also popular for providing maps, translations, and searching for images and videos. google allows you to set up a so-called gmail email address. gmail is often used for cell phones and downloading applications

google vyhledávač



In the Czech Republic, there is a very popular website called has a search engine as well as an e-mail box, world news, information about current events, entertainment streaming videos, articles, advice, and much more. In the current situation, visiting this portal will immediately see the latest news about what is happening in Ukraine, as well as a table showing current figures about the Covid disease.


Additionally, the social networking site Facebook is very popular. Although most people own the cell phone application, many still use Facebook on their computers. Here, they can see what their friends have shared, posts from popular pages, and of course, tons of ads. They can also use chat here to communicate with their friends completely free of charge.

žena v internetu


As far as videos are concerned, the most visited site is definitely the Youtube channel, offering user-uploaded videos. Here one can find movies, popular songs, music videos, funny videos, sad videos, in short, everything that has appeared on the Internet or on TV, etc. YouTube is available not only on computers, but also on cell phones, tablets and smart TVs.


Or sometimes called Auntie Wiki. Wikipedia is a site that provides information on almost everything you might be interested in. Since most of this information is uploaded by users, you may come across a variety of inaccuracies.