Business, Trade… What you need to know?

You may have already made up your mind, or you may still be unsure which path to take. In the next few lines, we will summarize the basic characteristics of both directions, some breakdowns, some advantages or disadvantages, etc. Similar knowledge can be easily obtained from any economic article, newspaper, or Internet portal!
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– Own decision-making power in everything, no need to rely on anyone, and can extend deadlines
– Similar size in terms of capital, and large volume of work
For example, a person operating under the trade licensing law shall be considered entrepreneurs. Those engaged in agricultural production constitute a special sector. Thus, as a whole, one can list persons engaged in business, natural persons, commercial enterprises, budgetary organizations, etc.
Other participants:
– budgetary organizations – state interests
– contributing organizations – independent capacity
– state enterprises – always based on legal entities
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long-term activities, also carried out independently, under their own responsibility and in their own name, with the main goal is, as in the case of the business itself, to achieve the greatest possible profit. This is always a private form of business and is also provided for in the Business License Law.
What are the general conditions?
– Adulthood
– Financial resources
– No debt (to the state)
– Imprisonment (imprisonment for a year or more prevents the business)
The trade includes a wide range of occupations, which are further subdivided into so-called notified (created by notification to a government office and payment of fees They are further subdivided into so-called notifiable professions (created by notification to the authorities and payment of a fee), for which we obtain a trade certificate that serves as a means of proof and authorization. For example, accountancy or interpreting work (which requires professional experience), the manufacture of crafts…and then there areauthorized trades (which require a license),
which include, for example, cab services, means of communication…