Youth readership is declining

Thanks to the Internet, readership is unfortunately declining, especially among young people. This is the cost of progress. Certainly this is very unfortunate, and it would certainly be worthwhile for the Ministry of Education to develop projects to encourage young people and children to read and to restore the appeal of books.
Despite this sad record, however, Czechs are still voracious readers, with many books being published every year.

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Books are unfortunately quite expensive. So it is not surprising that many people go to libraries. Library membership fees are fairly inexpensive. A relatively inexpensive alternative is e-books, which can be read on cell phones, tablets, and readers. Another interesting book format is undoubtedly the audiobook, or read-aloud book. Its undeniable advantage is that it is suitable for the visually impaired and blind. But it certainly has the advantage, for example, of allowing one to work and appreciate literature at the same time. Of course, many would argue that reading is not a substitute for listening, but we can agree that listening to books is better than having no access to literature at all due to lack of time
Some books I would rather keep at home than go to the library. I have an emotional attachment to certain authors and I want to keep them at home.
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Where do you look for inspiration for a book?

Where do I find inspiration? On book e-shop websites, you can read brief annotations of fascinating books, but they are bland and unsalty as such.
Fortunately, there are a number of websites on the Internet where you can learn about the book\’s contents and find numerous reader reviews that will help you form an opinion about the book and decide whether to buy it or not.
For example, the Czechoslovak Bibliographic Database and the Book Database.