Hormonal Contraception – Yes or No?

Relationships are a never-ending topic in that this issue affects absolutely everyone, and is a tribute to something that can be discussed with absolutely anyone (with experience in dating). Being in a relationship is not easy, but it definitely should not be something that ties you down. Remember that love is a liberating thing, not a binding thing. So, if love binds you and you feel it strongly, get out of that relationship as soon as possible. In short, break off the toxic relationship and you will be at peace.


As far as relationships are concerned, it also has to do with intercourse, or whatever you want to call it, sex – it is also a relationship as well as almost every event, party, bar etc., is a huge topic that is brought to the table quite often. But when the word sex is mentioned, every couple, heterosexual or homosexual, doesn\’t care about that, and the concept of protection comes to mind. First, protection against STDs, which applies to both couples, and second, protection against conception. When it comes to protection against conception, in addition to condoms and pessaries, the term hormonal contraception also comes to mind. These are, simply put, hormonal agents that make the body believe that it is virtually always fertilized. Logically, when an egg is fertilized, a new egg is not formed, so the reason some women do not menstruate after giving birth is simply because their hormones make their bodies believe that they are still “pregnant.”


While it is wonderful that women cannot conceive, or at least have a very low chance of conceiving, there are other things that are quite interesting. For one thing, hormonal contraceptives make the body so stupid that it takes years to recover from discontinuation, and for another, they have many side effects. Various health complications, acne, weight gain, hair loss, etc., all of these are problems caused by hormonal contraception.