Driving has never been more affordable

Car sharing is being talked about more in the Czech Republic. Car sharing is a way of making cars available to people who would not normally be able to afford them. Cars can be owned by a group of people who pay a common cost, and each member uses the car as needed. Currently, this idea has been adopted and is most widespread in Prague and Brno. 6] Provoz na silnici

Although a relatively new idea, there are already many companies offering this service: Car4way, HoppyGo, Autonapul, Skoda Auto for students Uniqway, and others. This is a very popular and modern concept. These companies offer everything you need and rent a car at a great price.
Cars can be found throughout Prague. If you are interested, simply register on the company\’s website, get a chip card, and use the mobile app to find the car you need. Advantages of car sharing include less need for parking space, fewer miles driven, more efficient use of the car, and only paying a minimal amount of money when you actually use the car. Renting a car for commuting, shopping, or a trip to the countryside is a good way to try out an off-road type of vehicle.
However, disadvantages must also be mentioned. When using a car-sharing service, you must plan your trip in advance, and you cannot count on the availability or cleanliness of the car. Drivers who pay only for the distance they travel do not drive efficiently, and high consumption has a negative impact on ecology.
Sdílení aut
This idea would help reduce the number of cars in traffic in the future. Many people keep their cars in garages and drive them only occasionally. Yet they still spend a lot of money on maintenance and fuel. Another important group affected by this idea are students, who still do not need a car or often use public transportation. This is a very progressive idea in the market and we will be hearing more about this idea as we move forward.