Working in Germany? How to increase your child allowance

Advice! Not everyone knows how to apply for child allowance abroad. Let\’s take the example of a case where you are employed in Germany and have a child.
To apply for child allowance in Germany, you need to submit a so-called European application form, which can be downloaded from the Internet under the name E411, or you can prove your family structure with the E401 form
vlajka evropy
These documents are certified by the relevant employment office, the state social assistance office (uninsured benefits). However, please note! If you do not submit the classic application for a child allowance in the Czech Republicto the labor office and claim that you are not entitled to the allowance due to your high income, the German Familienkasse will automatically reduce the kindergarten child allowance by approximately EUR 25 per child! This is a kind of “penalty” for having done nothing to receive benefits in the Czech Republic.
Therefore, if you do not want to lose euros unnecessarily,alwaysapply for the child allowance at the Czech employment office. In practice, the paperwork is a bit more involved. A “Child Allowance Application Form” is not enough. You must provide the child\’s birth certificate, your own income, the income of your wife or spouse (the child\’s mother) as verified by your employer, and a current employment contract for verification. Since you are employed in the European Union (EU), you will need to fill out a form to determine your country of residence in order to apply the EU adjustment rules. Don\’t be scared, it sounds terrible, but the office will advise you on how to fill it out and what other documents you need.
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As a general rule, the Czech Labor Office denies benefits on the basis of high income. The denial decision is delivered by hand. After that, one can apply for German child benefits by filling out forms E411 and E401 at the employment office.
Finally, there is good news. If your application for child allowance is rejected in the Czech Republic and you apply for child allowance in Germany, you are entitled to receive the full unpaid child allowance (Kindergeld) in Germany .