With the development of the Internet, the composition of police equipment is also changing

The economic boom has a positive impact on crime. In the Czech Republic in 2017, crime decreased by more than 7%. Only 202,000 crimes were committed. The decline can be seen mainly in robberies and thefts, especially cars, as the market is gradually becoming oversaturated with consumer goods, and in addition, security and camera systems, credit cards, etc.
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But the increase in cybercrime

does not mean that there has been a major change in the morale of criminals, it only changes tactics. While the number of common “material” thefts and robberies is decreasing, crime in the virtual world is increasing. Translocation. The police term for cybercrime, computer and internet crime is on the rise.
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The Police President of the Czech Republic recently said in an interview with Czech television that in 2017 police investigated more than 5,600 cybercrime. For the police, this means a change in the direction of their work, and now more than 300 police officers are engaged in this special task, which is still insufficient for the time being. The police simply lack computer experts.
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The shortage of police professionals is hampered by low wages.

However, buried dogs are in the salary range of these professionals. There is still a great demand for IT specialists, but in general, in the Czech Republic there is a shortage of computer-savvy people, and, of course, you can choose a highly valued job. The reality is that private companies offer salaries several times higher than police can pay. In this case, changes to the law will be needed, but the biggest problem, in the long run, is the flexibility and length of Congress. Raising the salary of a police specialist every day is not so easy.