Love and marriage

I think every person needs love. Whether it is the love of the mother or the love of the partner, it does not matter. To tell the truth, I always thought that there is nothing better than the love of a partner, but this can really be said by anyone who has no children yet. Because no one could understand it without knowing how strong the mother\’s feelings were and what kind of beautiful love it was. And when my boyfriend said he loved me, I got really excited afterwards. And believe it or not, those are so beautiful words from him that you could not even explain it. I felt like I was in the seventh heaven.

Chtěla bych mít děti.

And also after my sister enthusiastically told me how her boyfriend suggested to her. He said it was completely romantic. Do you know where her boyfriend suggested to her? It is really in the most beautiful and romantic place. Eiffel Tower in Paris. I think there is nothing more romantic than this. And while it may be a bit of a cliché to propose at the Eiffel Tower, when I do, it\’s a really beautiful gesture. And to be honest, I wouldn\’t mind writing it. Unfortunately, I have a boyfriend who has not proposed yet. Even though we are talking about family and children, he does not want to propose to me.

Jsem hodně zamilovaná.

Honestly, I don\’t know what to think. Is my boyfriend serious about me or is his love for me pure and sincere? I don\’t really know what to think, or she just doesn\’t want to get married.. But why? After all, a wedding can be very beautiful and romantic. And friends know that I am in love, and I am also a romantic soul. And I don\’t even know if he\’s really interested in marrying me. Let\’s see where our love blooms. And how it develops further. How many times as a little girl have I told myself that I want a nice, big and wonderful wedding. And now I hope that one day it will come true.