When your ex gets into trouble

Choosing the right woman for the life you spend as a couple is not easy. Even finding one among the many women available can be a challenge. However, if you make the wrong choice and after a while realize that the woman you are currently dating is not the right one, it is time to call it quits. Breaking up is a big question mark for both parties involved, as neither couple can predict in advance what the outcome will be.So how do you deal with the situation when your ex-partner doesn\’t stop the breakup and is still causing problems weeks after the breakup?
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1.You need to make the right separation!
– When you are going through a breakup, you need to think through all the steps beforehand. You must also choose the right and above all decisive words. Andfirst and foremost, you must end the relationship without any desire to get back together.

2. do not keep in touch!
– It is highly unlikely that ex-partners will remain friends with each other. Indeed, it can be confirmed
that they try to become friends after a little more time, not immediately after a breakup,
for example.
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3.Forget feedback!

– If your ex-partner stalks you with text message after text message and feels the need to keep dialing your phone number, you should simply ignore them. Any response you give to her nagging urges will give her the green light to continue.

4. nerve-wracking!
– Women are oftencunning as foxes and know exactly how to sway a man\’s feelings. If you are in a situation where you are socializing for no reason, be polite and gentle with her. Every time you insult her, only to feel guilty later that she is crying about it.And that is only because she knows very well what she is paying you.

5. draw the line!

– You have probably already noticed that your ex-girlfriend is a fighter, but remember to keep your relationship with her already a closed affair for you. You need to hold on to it and not let it suck you back into the story of when you were dating. [It\’s over now.
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6. echo the family!
– It is common for an ex-partner to contact you and mention your relationship with your family. Tell your family that you have already broken up and that things will never change. [Your family should worry first and foremost about your happiness, not theirs.

Priceless good adviceDo not start a new relationship with another woman before you resolve your last relationship. New relationships often don\’t start well, and the new partner will be more than a little uncomfortable with the situation.