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If we want to get rid of such problems forever or prevent them, we can solve it with a new facade. In this case, we would like to make a better payment. I\’m sure it will pay off. It is very important what type of facade we choose for the cottage.  Some facades are cheaper, but they have a limited shelf life and are poorly insulated. For cheaper facades, we can count on more frequent repairs and eventually we find that this facades cost us more than the better ones. It must also take into account the destroyed areas around the restored site.
kamenné obložení
Today we have the opportunity to useunique ventilated facades that can be folded by hand without the use of mortar or glue. They are actuallyconcrete-facing bricksdesigned to insulate facades. These facades, in the so-called chimney effect, work on the basis of an active protective shell that heals and maintains the walls and interior of the house.
konstrukce domu
Freestanding structure with interlaced and locked stonesReinforcementEnhances the surrounding structure of the house by up to 30%. Due to these design features, it is also recommended for areas of seismic activity. This facade is very solid and huge, looks likenatural stone. We can apply it to new buildings and also use it for the reconstruction of houses. It is absolutely maintenance-free. The assembly is very simple, it can be done by any convenient handyman without the help of a specialist. The ingeniously designedbrick shapeis very important for proper drainage of rainwater from the facade. The manufacturer guarantees for 50 years.
šetření do prasátka
We can choose from a smooth or chipped surface with about ten shades of color. This systemcan be applied to steel, wood, concrete or masonry structures and, in combination with thermal insulation, creates ventilation of surrounding masonry. The advantage of this facade is thatIt actively insulates the house, the building does not suffocate, but actively breathes, thereby preventing the formation of moisture and subsequent mold indoors, creating a comfortable environment and temperature both in summer and winter, without unnecessary waste of energy.