What to avoid in a company laptop?

If you are lucky enough to bring home a company laptop, you have probably already thought about what you can and cannot do with your borrowed device! If you don\’t want to get fired, consider that the following four actions should really be avoided.
notebook v kanceláři
Inappropriate content
What you should be craving in the first place is inappropriate and erotic content. Not only is it really not appropriate to have such material downloaded to your device, but you should also stop looking at it online. Either way, it could cause problems at work or get you fired.
Computer Games
Another thing that should be taboo for you is gaming. Online or not, it is still a company laptop. Not to mention the fact that if you download a game, a virus will be downloaded along with it and could potentially infiltrate your company\’s network.
Personal Content
Forget about personal content as well. You should not keep vacation photos or videos on your laptop. Not to mention, for example, if a new product design you created for a company program is stored on your laptop, your employer may claim it.
notebooky na stole
Personal shopping and conversations
In any institution, corporate networks are monitored by certain administrators. Such people will definitely not be pleased to learn that you are busy messaging or buying clothes on Facebook when you should be working. You should definitely avoid looking at job postings. Yes, this too can get you fired.
So, if you were given a company laptop, it is best to leave it only at work and bring it to meetings at best. If you often take it home, you could easily end up creating content that your employer would not agree with.