Latest 3D software

A pleasure to create

Previously, engineers had to manually create technical drawings . Today, computers with special 3D CAD software are used. This software has many features and the programs are designed to be easy to use, allowing one to model just about anything.

model elektromotoru

This is excellent in that you can know the mass without having to do complicated calculations. This part can be converted to a drawing, where you can actually play with it. For example, if you cut and plot it on page, it will be connected to the model. In other words, changes to the model mean changes to the drawing, which saves you a lot of work. Once the entire drawing is complete, any number of copies can be printed. Printing the model on a 3D printer and easily converting itinto actual parts is also no problem.

Advanced Features

We have a variety of software available to us. For parts, if you place a fixed point and apply a load, the program will immediately show you where the stresses will be applied. This is useful for all kinds of designs and for safety checks. The programcan also generate different parts of an assembly, saving a lot of time. An example is a gear generator, where you enter values for the number of transition stages, power transmitted, gear ratio, etc..

3D tisk

The gear is then generated andcan be further customized. In addition to this, a log is created, giving all values and calculation results. As for the assemblies, they work just like in reality, provided that the constraints are correctly selected. Thanks to these and other features, one can see 3D CAD software in many companies.