What is the most effective way to prepare for an entrance exam?

The first prerequisite for success is first and foremost thinking about the school you want to apply to. Of course, you should choose according to your own interests, abilities, and wishes, not according to the wishes of your parents. Furthermore, while it is a good idea to be really realistic about your chances of passing the entrance exam, just because thousands of applicants apply and dozens are accepted does not mean that you should give up on your dreams and aspirations.
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We learn by teaching others!
One of the most effective ways to learn, at least according to experts, is essentially by teaching others. In other words, the ideal is to find someone who is willing to listen to your explanation and tell you where you went wrong or where you were missing something in your explanation. However, this option is likely to be impractical for many students, who may be more embarrassed than thinking during the explanation.
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Therefore, you have no choice but to become the imaginary student yourself and explain it well. If you agree to this, you will have to really focus on learning and your thoughts will definitely not run in other directions.

Testingis also a good help. As you do the test, pick a question at random and try to solve it. If you like to make a variety of study cards on which you write down the most important information, this will also be a good help. You can also use them to learn vocabulary and sentence patterns in a foreign language.

Are you tired of sitting in a room at home all day and studying? Then feel free to change your workplace without regret. Changing your study space can improve your learning outcomes by up to 40℅. Overall, the more diverse your perception of your environment while studying, the easier it should be to recall information during the exam.

And one last piece of advice: if you feel like nothing is happening in your head, you are tired, and you want to sleep, really sleep. Because if you give your brain enough time andquality sleep,it will reward you with a well-stocked store of knowledge.