Shopping in Chinese Shops

The latest trend is to shop in Chinese stores. The reason for this is that products are easily available at half the price. However, one should pay attention to the quality of the goods. For this reason, there are Chinese online stores that provide photos of people who have already purchased products and can compare the quality of the products.
The most famous in China is AliExpress,
where you can find a wide variety of products on one page, including cosmetics, clothing, toys, electronics, and decorative items. AliExpress is loved by millions of people around the world. AliExpress acts as an intermediary between manufacturers and retailers and customers. The advantage of this eshop is that most products have free shipping. The disadvantages are the long waiting time for goods to arrive and the fact that paying customs duties increases the final product price. Payment is by credit card only.
Peněženka, kreditní karta
Another Chinese online store is GearBest, which operates similarly to AliExpress. Payment is by credit card only. The disadvantage of this e-shop is that there is no free shipping on most items; the advantage of GearBest is that it has a warehouse in the Czech Republic. Shipping times are also much shorter than those from a warehouse in China.
Nákup, obchod
A lesser known Chinese store is Banggood. This store offers the cheapest products from China. The advantages of this site are, as already mentioned, the low prices and the high percentage of daily visitors. The disadvantage is the small number of languages available. eshop is entirely in English, but you can also choose from Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, and Portuguese. Unfortunately, Czech and German are not available on this site.
When buying from a Chinese store, it is always advisable to read the store\’s terms of service and to read reviews of the store that can be found on the Internet.