Weather or climate?

The atmosphere, or gaseous envelope of the earth, is gravity bound and protects life from solar radiation. [78% of the atmosphere is nitrogen, 21% is oxygen, and the rest is CO2, helium, argon, etc. [One of the main functions of the atmosphere is to prevent ultraviolet radiation from entering the atmosphere. The atmosphere maintains the earth\’s temperature, keeps it from getting too cold, and ultimately helps plants with photosynthesis.
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The atmosphere is composed of five layers:
a)The troposphere where weather forms and temperatures decrease with altitude
b) The stratosphere – ozone – allows a small fraction of UV radiation reaching the surface to reach the atmospheric boundary
c) mesosphereextends to an altitude of 80-85 km and contains ozone, preventing harmful radiation from reaching the surface.
d) Thermosphere – The ionosphere. It contains electrically charged particles and reflects radio waves.
e) Last – Exosphere – Entering interplanetary space.
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The greenhouse effect is a process by which the functioning of the atmosphere is reduced. The planet heats up by absorbing incoming rays at its surface and preventing them from returning. With our excessive need for services such as airplanes, factories, and even cattle plowing, we are increasing the risk of an ozone hole, where we take in more and more dangerous radiation. But there is no greater threat.

A major problem is explaining the concepts of weather and climate to people.
Weather is the instantaneous state of the atmosphere at a particular location and is determined by satellites. Climate, on the other hand, is a long-term property of weather. It involves periodic winds such as trade winds, westerly winds, and monsoons. For climate, the earth is divided into climatic zones, each with its own specific characteristics, fauna, and flora.

Weather is determined by meteorological factors such as temperature, humidity, and cloud cover. Atmospheric pressure also belongs to this group, creating cyclones and anticyclones. If a cyclone is an area of low atmospheric pressure, it is an area of reduced pressure. An anticyclone is an area of high atmospheric pressure.
Frontal systems play a major role in the formation of showers and thunderstorms. Warm fronts form when warm air pushes cold air. When cold fronts catch up with warm fronts, closed fronts form, which occur mostly in the tropics.
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Therefore, the weather forecasting system is a major challenge for the layperson. Just because you hear the weather forecast on TV does not mean that it will rain 100% of the time, so you should bring both a tank top and an umbrella.