How Trade is Established

What is that beautifully framed trade certificate in a frame in your store? Yes, they are nice. But let\’s forget about that stuff long ago. At best, all you can print is a trade register statement. And that\’s just the beginning of the deal for you. How do you get that? [You have to cross a bureaucratic bridge. Crossing this bridge is not easy. The easiest way is through free trade… What? You don\’t know what that is. Okay. Trade can be divided into the following categories.

Pekárna-druh živnosti

– free
– tied
– craft
– licensed

and back. For free trades, you can apply with proof of identity and the appropriate amount of money. For other professions, a certificate of education must be provided. Example of a baker. One wishes to become a baker and presents identification, money, and an educational certificate.
Is it easy? Not really, since you may be required to provide proof of experience. Additionally, perhaps you want to be self-employed. In that case, you will receive another sheeton which you will fill out the necessary information. Only then can you walk away with the fact that you have crossed the bridge. Ha ha. Of course, that\’s not true. To take the baker\’s example, he has to contend with the sanitation department, the chimney sweepers, the gas men, and all sorts of other agencies.
Start živnosti
In addition to identification, he will probably be asked to provide proof of good standing. This means that you have never been convicted of a crime. It does not pay to hit someone on a coconuteven if it is in self-defense. Anyone with a wound, even an old one, should ask the court when it can be expunged.
As for making sure you are not on a cane, I am not sure. Some places ask for it, some don\’t. In their jargon, it is a matter of being fully competent . Here we must resolve what it comes down to.
In other words, with a short list, you know what to bring to the trade office, what you will miss and what you will not. Good luck.