There is no love like love

If you ask someone if love is a positive or negative thing, they will probably say that love is undeniably good. Because it is something already fixed in our minds, it is simply how we perceive love. Because in that case, we always automatically imagine the infamous relationship between two people in which that wonderful and almost irreplaceable feeling is experienced. Our hormones begin to surge, and then we make crazy decisions.

I love you

But such is certainly not the only love we can find. For love need not be shown only to those close to us, nor need it be only an attraction to a well-known woman. There is more love, some of it positive, some of it far more questionable, if not outright bad.

There is also love of country. But there is also love of country, and there is not. Many of us have left our homeland and may never return. This is not because emigration is impossible, as it was under the previous regime, but simply because it feels better to be in a foreign country. That is why they would rather put down roots somewhere else than in their homeland.

vzorec lásky

Now that we have taken a bite out of the past regime, let us mention a dubious or downright reprehensible type of love. You may still remember how we should have loved the (only and best) political party of the time, not to mention how we should have loved the Soviet Union. It was nonsense imposed by the powers that be of this world, who, unlike most of the people, benefited from it. And even the love of work was not so hot back then.

And even today, love is often not loving. For example, if someone loves money or power excessively, that is not a love to be admired. True love is voluntary and benefits all involved.