Pumpkin soup… . twice done

After a warm summer and a fruitful fall, many of us have plenty of pumpkins and gourds of all colors and shapes stored at home or in the basement. For those who don\’t, a trip to the supermarket will yield many varieties of pumpkins. It is an ideal vegetable for making light, quick, and most importantly, delicious cream soups. Hokkaido pumpkins, which do not need to be peeled, are probably the most delicious and also the best for flash use. However, other varieties (butternut, butternut, goliath, etc.) also make wonderful soups, so everyone can choose according to taste.

suroviny na polévku
Soup needs.

Ø Pumpkin

Ø Broth (from meat, vegetables, cubes. Vegeta, kuchik, and other loose mixtures can also be used)

Ø Salt

Ø Sweet or fresh cream

Ø Cheese (optional, aromatic and spicy, such as parmesan or niva)

Proceed as follows.

Peel and cut open the washed squash (depending on the type) and remove the fruit with a spoon.

Cut into bite-size pieces and boil in broth until tender. If using a pressure cooker, about 1O minutes is sufficient. Choose the amount of broth (water) according to the thickness of the soup. In our experience, we recommend using less water to make the soup viscous and creamy.

Polévka dýňová
Using a stick blender, blend the cooked pumpkin into the soup.

Mix the whipped cream or whipped cream with the finely grated cheese.

Season to taste with salt.

For a quick meal, make this soup J

This soup is excellent when served with butter on bread rolls or croutons made from bread. You can garnish it with pumpkin seeds or herbs (basil, chives), sprinkle it with nutmeg, or drizzle it with pumpkin seed oil. You will be surprised at how good it tastes.

This delicious pumpkin soup is easy to handle, even for those who are not good cooks, and others will appreciate its simplicity. It is also a favorite with children. May they enjoy it.