The secrets that the male element hides

Verbal declaration of love– Women are known to be more sensitive and require more tenderness, kind care, attention, cuddling, and other subtle displays of affection. Interestingly, the utterance of the magical words “I love you” or “I love you”, men usually tell each other every time in front of their partner. But this paradox is not a paradox, it only proves that it is the higher level of sensitivity of a woman who more thoroughly checks whether he is a person who can really maintain a long-term relationship, take care of the family background and children. Behind the male expression “I love you”, in fact, often there is only a superficial confession, which focuses mainly on physical beauty.
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Large breasts– it is common knowledge that the so-called “upper class”, who prefer to look at the decolletage of a noticeably developed woman, is struck by a kind of frustration and sees in them the constant security of material security. According to some statistics, most economically unstable men, apparently as a symbol of motherhood, prefer very large breasts and are surrogate mothers who take care of their children, and so
gait– the male gait is faster than the female, but this emphasizes not only physiognomy, but, above all, assert themselves in the world and stand out in the “competition of other predators”. It is important to note that we are not responsible for any errors or omissions in the content of this website. But as soon as 2 partners walk next to each other, a man usually adapts to a slow gait every time, without requiring anyone to do so to him. As a rule, he realizes that this way of walking suits him and rarely accelerates to set the pace. Cohabitation with a (quality) partner gives him a sense of security and changes his habits, at the same time he tends to be calmer and more satisfied.
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Testosterone and immunity– Male hormones, of course, affect the potency and sexual expression of natural desires, but do not harm the immune system. They tend to be less resistant and unable to fight the disease to the same extent as women. It is also one of the reasons why men live longer.1