How to tell if he loves you

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Frequent Approaches

Does he want to spend time near you, and does he stay with you very often? It means something! Who does not want to spend time with someone they love and feel comfortable with? Try to return to him, but only if you feel comfortable.
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2. Eye Contact

Do you sometimes notice that he is looking into your eyes, even if you do not enjoy it? The good news is that men are usually very forgetful, but when it comes to the eyes, it\’s number one for them!


When a man looks at your lips and opens them a little, it is very likely that he will want to kiss you, and this is a very good sign.

4. Touch

When you\’re around someone you like or love, your skin is a little more sensitive to touch. For example, when a man is talking to you, work on the neck, ears and cheeks, adjust ties and belts, so the likelihood that he will like you is quite high.
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5. Attention

If a boy gives you a lot of attention and chooses to spend time with you instead of a friend, TV or computer, you are very important to him.

6. Mimic Your gestures

When you like someone, you want to be a little like them. For example, he unconsciously begins to imitate his way of walking, facial expressions, gestures, movements and even what he says.

7. Open Attitude

Your secret love for you is holding arms loosely around your body, or standing pretty straight with your hands at your waist, and he has an “open attitude” towards you. He wants to talk to you and he won\’t shut you out.

8. Does he still see what you are doing?

You must see yourself, you must feel yourself seen, and you must see. Does he look at you and usually look away? This means that he is completely obsessed with you and can not stand without seeing his love.

I hope this article will help you every bit. If you at least found your dream partner on the way, then you are very likely to succeed in a relationship with him. So go talk to him without waiting for anything. good luck!