Summer cultural events with children

In recent years, the summer sun is really strong and the summer is very hot. Nevertheless, many cultural events are held in the summer. You can visit music festivals, theater festivals, open-air theater performances, cultural events in castles and castles, concerts and historical events… There are really many possibilities. And how to take these actions with children.

asijská tanečnice

·Music Festivals

Music festivals are very popular in our Republic. You can visit music events focused on pop and folklore as well as rock and metal. Some festivals are purely family (Pohoda Festival), and some are not suitable for children (Metal Festival). In any case, in young children, care should be taken to protect hearing. Large noise-cancelling headphones, which are attached to a rubber band so that it does not press, are suitable. The baby is so calm and undisturbed by loud sounds.
park stage


In the summer, outdoor performances are often held in castles and parks. These performances tend to be very popular and, of course, can take children without problems. Please note, however, that children may not be able to stand on the whole show. Try to bring toys for children who can entertain them when they have enough of the theater. If that still doesn\’t work, be prepared to leave the show so that it doesn\’t get in the way of other viewers.


ochrana rytíře

[49 Here, too, various cultural events are held for families with children. These events are very popular and often full of people. Fairy-tale programs are usually prepared for children, so these events will be really welcomed by children, and both children and adults will have fun, which visitors usually can not see.
ochrana rytíře

·Historical Events

Historical events full of knights, historical figures and crafts are held very often during the summer months. In these events you can find animals, knight\’s lodge, blacksmith, handicrafts and period music. Historical events will delight both children and adults.