Smartphones turn into surveillance devices

In early 2018, an interesting Android app appeared on the market, or rather in the Google Play store. It can turn your smartphone into a surveillance device that works similar to a silent alarm. If connected to the Internet, alert messages can be shared and sent over the network.
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Once the program is triggered, the smartphone acts as a detector. It activates all sensors and monitors the surrounding area for changes in movement, vibration, light, and sound. Simply activate the program and set a countdown time (e.g., 30 seconds) before leaving the room, and the device will function as an event sensor. The application, which can be downloaded for free, can be used effectively in situations where colleagues or family members at work cannot be trusted 100%. For example, if you don\’t trust your coworkers or family 100%. As long as no one steals from you (which is unlikely among people who know each other well), you can easily detect if they are faking their behavior towards you.
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  • Cameras secretly capture every movement in the room, audio is also recorded via microphones, and data recording is encrypted to ensure that unauthorized people cannot access it. Each sensor evaluates its own protocol and can capture anything.
  • Light sensors monitor changes in ambient light. This is useful, for example, at night, when someone may enter a room while sleeping.
  • Audio sensor – The built-in microphone detects even the smallest sounds near the device.
  • Indoor motion sensor – evaluated by the front or rear camera, depending on the phone\’s position.
  • Phone motion sensor – This is used by a sensor that changes the position of the phone and its vibration. In essence, this device easily detects if someone has picked it up in an unauthorized way and the camera optics capture it.
  • The power sensor detects if someone has unauthorizedly removed the phone from its charger.

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The Haven Keep Watch app can be downloaded for free from Google Play, runs on Android OS version 4.1, and has been rated a high 4.1 out of 5 by approximately 150,000 users.